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Young Giants of Byculla Dharampur

Young Giants of Byculla Dharampur

8th May, 2004

Saloni & Krutika, two young sweet college students decided that they want to do some water management work. They are members of the “Young Giants Club of Byculla”. Shri Narayanbhai Varma directed the collegians to me. I sent them to Shri Bhikhubhai Vyas.
In the harsh summer heat of more than 420 centigrade, they went to the forest of Dharampur. Following are the photographs of their visit.

1.   Shri Bhikhubhai explaining some point to the young giants. The three students from Bombay are attentively listening to Shri Bhikhubhai. Santu (tall man on the right) is witness to the whole discussion. Look at the expressions on the faces of the two young boys without slippers.

All of them are standing besides a small well being dug. The wall surrounding the well is yet to be constructed.
2.   Now the young giants are standing on the dam site, which is being built with their financial support. The well is in the distance - almost in the center of the photograph.
3.   The young giants and Shri & Smt. Vyas in discussion with the villagers of Matuniya Vilage - Hamlet - Navapada.
4. On 8th May, 2004; I visited the place. Dam is 75% completed. Its height is yet to be increased by 3 feet. This work could have been completed long back. However, due to unseasonal rains, work got disrupted. All the villagers rushed back to their farms to take care of their work before monsoon. Then the marriage season affected the work. However, within about 15 days, the dam will be completed.

Rashmin Sanghvi
10th May, 2004.