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Rashmin Sanghvi & Associates

Chartered Accountants

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Tardeo Road,
Mumbai - 400 034,
Maharashtra, India.

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Friends of VSSM & Dharampur

14th January, 2015

Dear friends,

Core Group has visited Ahmedabad – Mittal Patel – VSSM on 10th & 11th January, 2015. A brief photo report.

On 10th January, 2015-

1. VSSM and Sadvichar Parivar organised a small function to unveil the name plate of VSSM office – “Hari Kutir”. Shri Haribhai, founder promoter of Sadvichar Parivar had given his own room in the campus for VSSM’s office. Shri Ujamshibhai Khandla of M/s. Monarch Builders renovated entire office into a beautiful building.
Shri Nikhilbhai of M/s. Spacecraft Panel Products Ltd. furnished the office. Both Friends of VSSM did this work at / below cost.
You - Friends of VSSM contributed the funds.
And now this beautiful office is ready.
2.   The nomads (for whom VSSM is working) presented their entertainment programmes.
3. We had extensive meeting with VSSM Karyakars. Each one has important stories of difficulties that they face in their work. They have huge problems but no complain. They explained how they resolve the difficulties.  

Meeting with VSSM Staff

4.   CA Shri Abhay Bhagat & Shri Ashok Kataria discussed accounts and Management Information Systems with VSSM team.
5. Rain Water Harvesting:

Avalkhandi Water Management

  Visited Gujarat Vidyapeeth with Shri Ujamshibhai and Shri Kishorebhai of VSSM. Seen low cost underground water tanks. Requested Aparnabahen to modify the design as per Avalkhandi needs and get similar tanks at Avalkhandi Hostel at Dharampur. Rain water will be stored in these tanks.
These tanks cost less. They are built underground. Once built, the top surface can be used as normal ground.
On 11th January, we went to Dhrangadhra.
6.   155 houses for 155 families are being built.
Shri Ujamshibhai Khandla explained to his engineer and to the Nomad – beneficiaries design of the houses.
8.   These are the Nathvadi nomads who will get the houses at Dhrangadhra.
9. We discussed water management – so that these beneficiaries get free water throughout the year. Lake & well system will be developed. Ujamshibhai has planned to build water – inflow canal to fill up the lake with monsoon water.

Gorakhnath, Aparnabahen, Mittal Patel, Pradeepbhai, Pravinbhai Veera & Rashmin

  Architect Aparnabahen explained how to dispose of toilet waste at low cost so that underground and lake water do not get polluted.
CA Shri Pradeepbhai Shah, Solicitor Shri Pravinbhai Veera, builders Shri Dhaval Manan & Shahen Daruwala and many well-wishers came to Dhrangadhra. We had discussions. Conclusion: VSSM is building these houses at lowest possible costs.
Both days were full of enthusiasm & optimism. With God’s grace and your kind donations, VSSM is making good progress. The nomads are getting solid benefits.

Mittal & her backbone in the new Office – Her husband Maulik Kaushal.

Many Thanks,

For Core Group,
Friends of VSSM & Dharampur,

Rashmin Chandulal Sanghvi.