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Chartered Accountants

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Tardeo Road,
Mumbai - 400 034,
Maharashtra, India.

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A Dream For Love & Peace


I dream that -

Osama Bin Laden & his group
will wipe the tears of those hurt in USA & their relatives.

And that U.S. will spend its billions of dollars
in helping the millions of starving -

Women &
Old people in

USA will win the hearts of 6 billion people
by declaring and implementing its monumental love for people.

Arms can kill people,
Arms can terrorise people,
But CANNOT win a single heart.

Love can win EVERYBODY.

USA has proved this by winning over
Yaseer Arafat - the man who started hijacking.

Revenge for -
Gulf War atrocities continuing for ten years.

Result -
World Trade Centre & Pentagon attacks

Revenge for the result ?
Revenge for the revenge?
This is a vicious cycle.

The Larger & Stronger the war machinery,
the stronger the vicious cycle.

LOVE is the only weapon that can
The vicious cycle into
The VIRTUOUS cycle.

King Ashoka turned to Buddhism after the war of Kalinga.

Our two world wars have proved that no-one benefits by a world war.

Shall we learn the message of love

After a 3rd world war
Without a 3rd world war?!

I dream that we shall learn without a war.