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Rashmin Sanghvi & Associates

Chartered Accountants

109, 1st Floor, Arun Chambers,
Tardeo Road,
Mumbai - 400 034,
Maharashtra, India.

Tel. Nos.: (+91 22) 2351 1878, 2352 5694.

Fax : (+91 22) 2351 5275.

Email : [email protected]

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Date : 7th May, 2001

Mr. Bhargava,
Director General,
National Academy of Direct Taxes,

Retiring on 31st May, 2001.

He told a story from his own life.

He was referring to the fact that Mumbai people have no time to talk to anyone. Everyone is in a hurry. While for the retired people, loneliness can be a really serious problem.

In the year 1987, he and Mrs. Bhargava had gone to London.They were staying with someone. The son would have no time even to talk. From a distance, running to his office he would barely say “Hallow” & run away.

One day Mr. & Mrs. Bhargava wanted to visit some place in London. Hence they were waiting at a bus stop. An old couple was also waiting at the bus stop. Mr. Bhargava, unlike the tradition in U.K., started chatting with the old couple. They wanted to go somewhere also.

Mr. Bhargava’s desired bus came. So he & Mrs. Bhargava boarded the bus. To their surprise, the old couple also boarded the bus.

Mr. Bhargava enquired – “By mistake, have you boarded the wrong bus!”. The old man said – “No, my son. Here we are bored as there is no one to talk. Since you are talking with us, we will travel in this bus with you till your destination. Then we will go back to our destination.”

- As told to Rashmin.

Are we making progress or regress!